American Fiber & Finishing, Inc.GREIDER TACK CLOTH™



All Greider Tack Cloth is exclusively manufactured by American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. and sold exclusively by AF&F and distributors of AF&F.  This premium silicone-free tack cloth is the product of choice in certain painting applications and is made in a variety of tack strengths.  It is the product of choice for electronics manufacturers.  It is an outstanding clean room tack cloth.  In addition to being made out of 100% biodegradable cotton, the Greider Tack is designed from a water-based formula that is completely non-hazardous and has no special handling or disposal requirements  from a personal safety or environmental perspective.  Email us and we would be glad to provide you more details and show you how this product can save you time and money.  The Greider G-99 Tack Cloth is a wonderful product.