Chemical Cloth™ Industrial Tack Cloths (C-60)

(Premium tack cloths manufactured exclusively by American Fiber & Finishing, Inc.)

Chemical Cloth Tack ClothsOur Chemical Cloth tack cloth is the top tack cloth in the marketplace.  It is the tack cloth of choice in the Aerospace Industry and was designed specifically for that industry. The C-60 tack cloth has been the product of choice for Aerospace for almost 50 years. It is still made with the quality chemicals and fabric that made it #1 and keeps it #1.  It is unique because of the materials used and how it is made, as well as the industry-best quality control procedures applied in its making.

What Aerospace Engineers have learned through study, other industries have stumbled upon; that is, this cloth is actually more cost effective and cheaper to use than others because it lasts longer, does not leave residue, is kind to the hand in wiping, does a better job and enables the paint specialist to complete the job in less time than other products.

The product is made from a high quality cotton gauze and  specially engineered tack substances, applied in a specialized process, and cured in a unique way that together, give our Chemical Cloth tack cloths superior properties to alternative products.

From Aerospace, the C-60 tack cloth has migrated to a number of other industries. For example, auto-body repair shops, once they try it, will not use any other tack cloth again.

While this can be used in the home for the do-it-yourselfer, this product is industrial strength and is designed for the commercial user, who requires a very clean surface, free of contaminants, and needs to get the surface to that point quickly and reliably.

Our Chemical Cloth line of tack cloths are the most cost effective tack cloths, anywhere.  As all experienced paint specialists will tell you, quality does matter when choosing a tack cloth, and a good tack cloth will save you time and money.

We will be adding more information on our tack lines, soon, including pictures, and putups.