Why Choose AF&F

At AF&F, our story begins and ends with our customers. Our customer-centric approach is centered on fulfilling their needs and expectations – many times partnering with them to achieve solutions where none have previously existed. Our team of advisors is with them at the start, through development and logistics, and at the end of their job. We take great satisfaction in our brand promise: With you through the finish. It’s a promise we intend to keep.

An industry leader in the leading industries.

AF&F is considered a leader in some of the most complex and regulated industries in manufacturing. Our critical Class A wiping products are the product of choice in the Aerospace industry, and we are the number one provider of critical wiping products to the Aircraft Manufacturing industry. We partner with many other industries as well, including Automotive, Bookbinding, Filtration, Health & Beauty, Home, Industrial Wiping & Cleaning, Textiles and Food Processing. In each and every one of the industries we serve, we’re committed to a partnership process that results in a job well done – a great finish.

Quality and value.

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience in the textile industry, AF&F is able to deliver the best products at the lowest prices. We run a lean and nimble company, one committed to product development and process improvement, even enlisting our customers for input on our continuous efforts to improve product performance and reduce costs. And our investment in R&D is always a top priority. Our products are designed and engineered to perform, meet all requirements, and exceed expectations, while always mindful of our customers’ needs – and their bottom line.

Where we shine.

When it comes to product development, our philosophy is that the most successful inspiration for innovation comes from you, our customers. It comes from need or a void, or an idea of what might work better and smarter. These lights of inspiration often occur in the field, while working with the end-users of the product, in practical, real situations. This is why our R&D team not only works in our lab, our factory, and with our supply chain, but also provides advisory services. We are here to work with you to develop custom products to meet your specific and unique needs.