Bookbinding Fabrics

A strong choice.

When it comes to strengthening and reinforcing hard-covered books, AF&F’s SuperCloth® is the material of choice in the bookbinding industry. A starched, open weave gauze cloth similar to cheesecloth, SuperCloth® gives extra strength to books by reinforcing the spine, especially ones which are exceptionally oversized or heavy.

Text B®

Text B®, our 100% woven cotton spine reinforcing fabric, is specifically engineered for bookbinding. Its reinforced tapes strengthen the spine making it one of the most sought after and trusted bindery materials in the industry. Its tensile rating meets NASTA/BMI Specifications for K-12 school books.

Leading the reading industry.

AF&F is the nation’s leading manufacturer of starched fabrics specifically engineered for the bookbinding industry. We manufacture all standard grades of fabrics, as well as mid-grade fabrics on a customized basis.