The go-to tack cloths for A-1 industries.

Originally designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Aerospace Industry, Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth and Greider Tack Cloth™ are the top premium tack cloths in the marketplace. Not only are they the tack cloths of choice in Aerospace going on 50 years, a number of other industries trust these commercial-strength cloths when a clean, contaminant-free surface is a must. With an oversized soft and pliable design, they easily form to the curves and creases of a myriad of surface types, and are a superior option for picking up dust, lint, and metal shavings from metal, composite, and wood surfaces.

It’s all in the materials.

Aerospace certified base material, including high-quality fabrics and specially-engineered tack substances, combine to make AF&F tack cloths a superior choice when compared to other products. We start with either high-quality cotton gauze or absorbent lint-free polyester warp knit fabrics. Then, using our proprietary manufacturing and curing process, incorporate our unique tack formulations to create our two lines of tack cloths – Greider Tack Cloth™ and Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth.

Effective and efficient.

Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloths and Greider Tack Cloths™ aren’t just effective, they’re efficient as well. Because they last longer, leave no residue, and just do a better job overall, you’ll realize cost efficiencies without compromising on performance and your final product.

Chemical Cloth™ Tack Cloth

  • Product Names: C-60™, C-60™P, C-60™BP
  • Aerospace Certified: D6-1816, BAC5845, BAC5322, BAC5325, BAC5639,BAC5710,BAC5736, BAC5793, BAC5797, BAC5837, BAC5882, BAC5896,BAC5755, BAC5000
  • Base Fabric Material (Aerospace Certified): 100% low lint biodegradable cotton or polyester warp knit lint free
  • Available in black or white
  • Available in lengths of 18” x 36” and 30” x 36”

Greider Tack Cloth™ 

  • Product Name: G99™
  • Aerospace Certified: D6-1816, BAC5845
  • Base Fabric Material (Aerospace Certified): 100% low lint biodegradable cotton
  • Tack formula: 100% latex/water-based; no special requirements for disposal
  • Special polymer can be made in varying levels of tack formulations
  • Available in white
  • Available in pieces of 18”x 36”, 150-yard continuous rolls, and other put-ups
  • Silicone Free
  • Individually packaged or bulk packed
  • Can be private-labeled for re-sellers
  • Traceability at the case level
  • COC or COA for base material
  • Available in various cut lengths and put-ups
  • Aerospace grade
  • Available worldwide