Engineered for peak performance.

Aerotex™ and Rymplecloth® wipers are hands-down the most absorbent on the market. Made of purified 100% cotton woven fabric and ranked high in durability, they’re tough enough for aggressive use when needed, but soft enough to prevent scratching. Both products feature an innovative crimped finish and firmly twisted yarns. This construction captures and traps dirt and debris like a magnet, leaving a clean, polished surface in minimal time – with no static, and very low lint.

The best choice when clean is critical.

Powerful contaminant-trapping properties, and ease and efficiency of use make Aerotex™ and Rymplecloth® the best wipers on the market for critical wiping needs in a range of industries. They are widely preferred in the global aerospace industry, and have been the product of choice at Boeing for over 50 consecutive years.

Many customers choose Aerotex™ to meet required specifications. It is certified by AF&F as follows:

  • Aerospace standards
  • Designed for use on smooth or curved (not jagged) surfaces, including aircraft, auto body and windows
  • Sold by American Fiber & Finishing under an AS9120 certification
  • No residual contamination from chemicals or foreign matter
  • Compatible with all cleaning solvents

Aerotex™ and Rymplecloth® compared.

These acclaimed products are identical in every way, except that Aerotex™ is bleached white using safe, chlorine-free bleach. Rymplecloth® is scoured and off-white in color. Because the bleaching process puts some stress on the fibers, Rymplecloth® is slightly stronger. Both meet or exceed aerospace performance standards and properties.

Aerotex™ wiping cloths are sold in cases of 12,16, or 24 rolls, pre-cut in a variety of lengths and widths, or in customized sizes. They are also available in continuous, uncut rolls for customers who prefer to cut specific pieces for various jobs.

  • 100% cotton low-lint cleaning cloths
  • Unique crimped construction
  • Static- and silicone-free
  • Purified or scoured
  • Biodegradable and reusable
  • Compatible with all cleaning solvents
  • Available in various cut lengths and put-ups
  • Aerospace Grade
  • Available worldwide, exclusively from AF&F and authorized distributors