Critical Cleaning/Wiping

AF&F products are the best choice when clean is critical. With powerful contaminant-trapping properties, ease and efficiency of use, and a solution for every surface, we have the top products on the market for critical wiping needs in a range of demanding industries like the global Aerospace industry.

Gauze & Cheesecloth

Designed to meet the demands of a variety of specialized industries and applications, our extensive selection of gauze and cheesecloth products offers a solution for a multitude of wiping and cleaning needs. Made of 100% woven cotton, our cheesecloth is very soft, absorbent, has low lint properties, and is economical.

Tack Cloth

AF&F Tack Cloths were designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Aerospace industry and have done just that for almost 50 years. Made using high quality cotton gauze or absorbent lint-free polyester warp knit fabrics, then processed with specially engineered tack substances applied in a specialized process and expertly cured, our tack cloths are superior to other products on the market today.

Other Wiping Products & Accessories

Our products aren't limited to the critical cleaning of large, structural surface areas; there are countless applications where the removal of contaminants or general cleaning is necessary. No task is too small for AF&F. From knit wipers to cotton swabs, we have the right solution for every need.

Specialty Starched Woven Products

AF&F is the nation’s leading manufacturer of starched fabrics specifically engineered for the bookbinding industry. Our Super Cloth® and ultra-strong Text B® are the materials of choice when it comes to strengthening and reinforcing the covers and spines of hard-covered books.


Like all of our specialized wipers, our non-woven wipers were engineered, designed, and developed to meet the stringent requirements of the Aerospace Industry. These wipers are low lint, highly absorbent, compatible with all solvents, and meet clean room requirements.


None, will be updated as specials are available.