American Fiber & Finishing, Inc. (AF&F) is a privately-held company founded in 1986 after a buyout of the industrial fabrics divisions of Kendall Company.  In 1996, the company moved its Massachusetts operations to Albemarle, North Carolina, and its corporate headquarters shortly thereafter. The company has since expanded its supply chain so that today AF&F is both a manufacturing and an international sourcing company.

The manufacturing and engineering skill-set of our team is the best in the industry. This enables us to help our customers solve problems, design the best and most cost effective solutions for their need, and helps us in developing new subcontractors for our supply chain. We also have an active advisory board of senior textiles’ experts, each having over 55 years of direct textiles manufacturing experience with concentration in weaving, converting, and finishing, specific to the products offered by AF&F.

Our product offerings are highly specialized and comply with detailed engineering specifications. Many of the products offered by AF&F were offered by Kendall Company decades prior to the buyout. We have added many new products to our line over the years and are now a one-stop shop for our industrial customers’ critical wiping needs and our retail customers’ cotton ball, swab, and cosmetic facial pads needs.

AF&F’s primary manufacturing facility is located in Albemarle, North Carolina. The facility contains a full-scale testing lab capable of all applicable USP and AMS testing regulations. All fiber processing and testing are done under strict adherence to current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Our expertise in the textile industry can be traced back to 1903 and a gentleman by the name of Henry P. Kendall. Founder of The Kendall Company, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of textile products, Mr. Kendall was known for his embrace of the concepts of scientific management, for his improvements to worker health and safety, and for his humane and collaborative management practices.