A clean solution for every job.

Designed to meet the demands of a variety of specialized industries and applications, the Purewipe® line of wiping products offers a solution for a multitude of wiping and critical cleaning needs. Wiping isn’t limited to the critical cleaning of large, structural surface areas; there are countless applications where the removal of contaminants or general cleaning is necessary. From broad surfaces to hard-to-reach places, Purewipe® products get the job done effectively and efficiently.

No task too big or too small.

End users of AF&F products represent some of the most advanced and regulated industries in the world. From aerospace, aircraft and marine manufacturing to automotive and light industrial, their end products are as diverse as their individual cleaning and wiping needs. Our Purewipe® product line has the right solution for each of these needs.

Exacting standards for exceptional results.

Every Purewipe® product meets or exceeds standards developed jointly by AF&F and Aerospace Industry engineers. Each is regularly lab-tested both internally and by third parties to ensure they consistently conform to required specifications.

  • 100% cotton, cheesecloth, sponges and pads
  • Bleached (non-chlorine, whitened with peroxide)
  • Non-wovens, various materials, blends and configurations
  • Static- and silicone-free
  • Low lint
  • Highly absorbent
  • Compatible with all cleaning solvents
  • Available in various cut lengths and put-ups
  • Aerospace grade
  • USP Purity grade
  • Available worldwide