Rymplecloth® is one of the most durable wiping products available for cleaning and polishing. A purified wiping cloth comprised of 100% cotton woven fabric, Rymplecloth’s unique crimped finish and firmly twisted yarn pattern provide a superior surface area for collecting and trapping dirt particles. Rymplecloth is aerospace certified, biodegradable, silicone free, highly absorbent, and has very low lint properties. Its contamination retention properties are unmatched by any other wiping product, except a tack cloth.

Aerotex™ is identical to Rymplecloth in every way with one exception: Aerotex is bleached white using safe chlorine-free whiteners (peroxide) so its color is a bright white. Both products are equally effective and meet or exceed the required performance and properties needed for the aerospace standards. Because the white bleaching process does put some stress on the fabric, Rymplecloth is a slightly stronger piece of fabric.

The Purewipe® line of wiping products is designed to meet the demands of a variety of specialized industries and applications. From aerospace to automotive, and broad surfaces to nooks and crannies, Purewipe products get the job done effectively and efficiently. Every Purewipe product meets or exceeds standards developed jointly by AF&F and Aerospace Industry engineers.


Chemical Cloth™ and Greider Tack Cloth™ were designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Aerospace Industry and have done just that for almost 50 years. Made using high quality cotton gauze or absorbent lint-free polyester warp knit fabrics, then processed with specially engineered tack substances applied in a specialized process and expertly cured, these tack cloths are superior to other products on the market today.

AF&F is the nation’s leading manufacturer of starched fabrics specifically engineered for the bookbinding industry. SuperCloth® and our ultra-strong Text B® are the materials of choice when it comes to strengthening and reinforcing the covers and spines of hard-covered books.

The Sofetts® brand of premium health and beauty cotton products is produced in the proprietary brand or can be packaged for private label. The product line includes Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs, Cosmetic Facial Pads, Medical Balls of Cotton, Rayon, or Polyester. All Sofetts products are all of 100% premium purified Medical Grade Cotton and are USP compliant.